Social and Economic Factors

Access to secure employment, safe communities, opportunities for educational achievement, and social affiliation are important contexts to consider when evaluating child and family well-being

Educational Attainment

Only 18% of Coös residents over age 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 35% statewide.

Earnings by Educational Attainment

Across all levels of educational attainment, earnings in Coös have remained flat or declined since 2010


Unemployment in Coös is higher than the statewide rate, but has declined significantly since the recession in 2008

Child Poverty

Roughly 1 in 5 children in Coös lives in poverty.

Social Associations

Coös County has the 3rd highest rate of social associations of all counties in New Hampshire.

Violent Crime

Coös County has the 3rd lowest crime rate of all counties in New Hampshire

Adults in Prison

1 in 10 young people in the North Country have had an adult family member in jail or prison.