Access to Clinical Care

Coös has 36 primary care physicians, 41 mental health providers, and 17 dentists.

While our ratio of population to primary care physicians is better than the statewide ratio, we still have only one primary care physician for every 879 Coös residents. Our ratios of dentists and mental health providers are significantly worse. The Coös ratio of mental health providers to population is roughly half that of the statewide rate. Without access to timely preventive care and treatment, we put the long term health of children and families at risk for poor outcomes.

Coös County has been designated a Health Professional Shortage Area for both Dental and Mental Health. The National Health Service Corps Jobs Center publishes open positions at their searchable job site data base, here.

Data Source: County Health Rankings, accessed online at: Data on Primary Care Physicians from: 2014 Area Health Resource File/American Medical Association; Data on Dentists from: 2015 Area Health Resource File/National Provider Identification file; Data on Mental Health Providers from: 2016 CMS, National Provider Identification file.